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Insurance companies know that without an attorney you may not know your rights. Without an attorney, your recovery may be less than you are entitled to, even trivial in the face of your suffering.

We will be able to help you assess your case and attempt to recover the most for your loss of work, medical bills, hospital bills, and for long term medical care. Additionally, we will attempt recovery for permanent injuries that significantly affect your appearance and/or physical capabilities and for pain and suffering where warranted.

You may need a lawyer because of laws or complexities in your case that are difficult to comprehend because of a multiplicity of interrelated elements. These complications might cause your compensation to vary greatly from standard claims. Figuring out how much such a serious injury is worth can be difficult. If you have been injured, call the Law Office of Ramona R. Hallam for assistance in processing your insurance claim.

We defend each case carefully, and review all the unique facts as well as the law related to the case. We review all legal codes and regulations relating to your case and, after careful review, make recommendations. We argue on behalf of our clients in the courtroom at your trial or preliminary trial as trial lawyers.

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