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Whether you owe money or are owed money, the Law Offices of Ramona R. Hallam is experienced in the field of creditor and debtor law.
Collection of Overdue Accounts
People often make deals to pay other people money in exchange for a service, goods, or a loan. These agreements are called contracts. In California, written contracts are enforceable for four years after the breach, or broken promise to pay the amount due. Oral contracts are enforceable for two years after the breach, or broken promise to pay the amount due. If you wait past the point where the law will allow your lawsuit, you cannot raise the issue again except in certain circumstances. Contact the Law Offices of Ramona R. Hallam to find out if your collection account is still good or for collection on the contract.
Enforcement of Judgments
A judgment is a court order which resolves the issues involved in the lawsuit, and determines the rights and obligations that each party in the lawsuit has.
In civil law, enforcement of the judgment is left to the parties of the lawsuit. When one party to a lawsuit does not comply with the judgment issued by the court, it is up to the other party to seek relief, that is, obtain the settlement granted by the court.
There are many means by which a person prevailing in a lawsuit is able to collect the monies owed him, including but not limited to a wage garnishment, collecting the judgment debtor’s money from his bank account, and attaching his land so that the money is paid out to the judgment creditor upon sale or refinance.
The Law Offices of Ramona R. Hallam specializes in collecting overdue debts. If you have a judgment or debt owed to you, contact our offices.

Debt Negotiation
The Law Offices of Ramona R. Hallam will help you negotiate your debt down to a manageable level. Whether you owe thousands or hundreds of thousands, an experienced debt negotiator may be able to help you cut the amount owed by 20/% or more. In a recent case where a party owed $6,900.00, the Law Offices of Ramona R. Hallam was able to successfully save the debtor over $2,700.00. The account was closed at the debtor’s request, but upon settlement the creditor agreed to report to credit bureaus that the account was settled in full with a zero balance. This will allow the debtor to still receive great interest rates upon refinance. Other more expensive accounts have saved in the tens of thousands. The cost of negotiation is relatively inexpensive. Call our offices for more detail.

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